Sorrento Sundays - Community Access

Sorrento Sundays

Imagine a short drive to Queenscliff.

Then a relaxing boat ride across the bay, with the salty smell of the ocean, the gentle waves, and the warm sun tickling your nose.

If we're lucky, we might see some dolphins swimming alongside the boat (as everyone rushes to take the perfect photograph).

And then, before we know it, we have arrived in beautiful Sorrento where the hardest decision we make all day is what to eat for lunch.


This is a full day activity that includes moderate exercise (i.e. walking), and a rather large hill at the other end, but somehow we always manage to get there together.

There is no additional fee for this activity. But you will need to pay for the return ferry ride ($20.00 with a concession card) and bring your own spending money for lunch, drinks, and any souvenirs you purchase.




A group based social, community, and recreational activity for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme


PUSHPIN.JPGThis is a full day activity that requires 8 group social and community hours on a Sunday. Depending upon your equipment participants in a wheelchair may require one-to-one support and the funding to match. Community Access vehicles are not modified to accommodate powered wheelchairs, but can take lightweight collapsible or folding chairs. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements prior to booking. Community Access does not charge for transport to and from the agreed meeting place and the ferry departure point in Queenscliff.