Mate's Rates - Community Access

Mate's Rates

Our Mate's Rates activities are exactly what they sound like.

Because it's cheaper doing things in a group than on your own, Community Access has negotiated significant discounts on theatre tickets, entrance fees, movie prices, meals, entertainment, and weekends away.

Together with our discounts, and your Companion Card and Disability Concession, we can afford to go places cheaper when we book as a group. So, what are you waiting for? Join one of our groups and come and have fun.




A social, community, and recreational activity for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme


PUSHPIN.JPGFor each activity you will need at least 8 group social and community hours. We do not charge for transport. The cost of each activity will depend on where we go. Activities costing greater than $15.00 per person attract Community Access contributions to make it more affordable. Depending upon demand more than one group may be operating out of your local area at any one time. Please let us know which days you are available. Community Access vehicles are not modified to accommodate powered wheelchairs, but can take lightweight collapsible or folding chairs.