Art and Culture - Community Access

Arts and Culture

Our arts and culture program includes more than just visits to art galleries and museums.

We're interested in exploring all aspects of culture, including theatre, painting, sculpture, heritage buildings, architecture, history, and indigenous Australian art and culture.

We visit the big exhibitions when they come to Melbourne, as well as plays, theatre, musicals, art installations, and local productions in Geelong.

Join us as we explore the world around us, and learn about the different people that live in our region, their stories, their culture, and our shared history.

Because culture isn't locked away in a museum somewhere, it surrounds you every day.

Come and explore it with us.



A capacity building activity for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme


PUSHPIN.JPGThese programs are available 7 days per week and require 8 group social and community hours for each activity. Depending upon demand more than one group may be operating out of your local area at any one time. Please let us know which days you are available. Community Access vehicles are not modified to accommodate powered wheelchairs, but can take lightweight collapsible or folding chairs.