SOCIAL GROUPS - Community Access

Groups and Activities

These groups and activities are available seven days per week and are designed to complement your existing supports, so you don't have to miss out on something you already have to enjoy something new.



Animal Farm

At Community Access, we love animals. So we're putting together a package of supports that has everything to do with animals, no matter what kind they are, or where they happen to be. Scheduled to run during the week, these activities are full day programs that will involve some travelling.



We are currently taking applications for our 6 week work experience Internship program. This type of training and experience can be useful if you ever think about getting a job one day. Unfortunately, it does mean that if we are travelling to Daylesford, Lorne, Melbourne, or Sorrento for the day, that you'll have to come with us. Contact us to make enquiries or apply online via the Homepage.


Out and About

Out and About is an individualised program of supports for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme who identify as a member of the GLBTIQ community, and would like some assistance to create safe social opportunities in Geelong, or participate in civic or social activities that occur in Melbourne. Please contact us with your requirements.


Girl's Day Out

Our Girl's Day Out activity is a full day of beauty and pampering. We head out for a full day to our chosen day spa or beauty salon, where you select from a range of different beauty treatments at significantly lower prices than the retail cost. While we're there, you get to pick up tips and clues and about skin care, hair care, makeup, and healthy living.


Hip Hop Madness

Launching later this year are weekly Hip Hop dance classes at our studios in Prahran. These are full day activities that depart Geelong around lunchtime, dance all day, and then stay in Melbourne for dinner. Although there will be additional fees for this activity we do not charge for transport to Melbourne and back again. And if you buy your own lunch on the way up, we'll pay for your dinner on the way back. Please register your interest via our Contact Us page or apply online.


Ladies Who Lunch

Our Ladies who Lunch programs are designed to provide regular opportunities to access the community in a safe and supportive group, while meeting new people, making new friends, and building your confidence and knowledge of local food, wine, and produce. Plus, we try and link you into people who live in your own local community, so we don't mind if you catch up without us one day.


Lorne Burgers

Once a week we head down to Lorne for a burger. You don't have to have a burger if you prefer something else, but we like the way it sounds. Mmmm, Lorne burgers. Yum.

Sounds good. Tastes even better.