ABOUT US - Community Access

About us

At Community Access, we think you're okay just the way you are. So we're not going to promise to change you, or fix you, or tell you how to live your lives.

But we do understand that sometimes people need a little bit of help to get out of the house and do things that other people take for granted.

Sometimes the help is short term, until you get back on your feet again.

Sometimes the help is ongoing, and that's okay too.

Community Access support workers, counsellors, and group facilitators are specially chosen experienced professionals who are trained and qualified to support people with a wide range of intellectual, physical, and psychiatric disabilities. They understand the strengths-based principles of positive psychology and psychosocial recovery that focus on a person's capabilities, and not just their disability.

And they also know that sometimes it's not always your primary disability that creates challenges for you.

Sometimes you're having a bad day.

And sometimes you're just in a bad mood.

Join the club.

So, if you want to come along for some groups and activities, and just have fun, that's okay with us.

However, if you really want to build your interpersonal skills, increase your capacity for social interaction, develop your independent living skills, increase your self-esteem and build your self-confidence, meet new people, make new friends, learn how to give and accept a compliment, understand how to compromise and be okay with it, develop your patience by understanding that it's not always about you, and build the inner confidence that allows you to live in the world with a sense of pride and belonging, because you know that by simply contributing and being involved in the activity, you made it better for someone else.

Then we can do that too.

But just between us, we think it's probably going to happen anyway.

Join us.

Meet people.

And do things with them.

Because the world doesn't happen in your head.



Community Access is an Organisational Associate of National Disability Services

and a plan managed provider with the

National Disability Insurance Scheme