Individual supports

The following services are often needed to make all the other ingredients stick together.

If they do their job properly, you should only need them for a short period of time, or every now and again.



Coordination of Supports

Support Coordination involves helping to explore all the supports and resources that are available to you (including family, friends, and other service providers), to periodically review the effectiveness of those services, and to help build and develop your own skills and abilities while making your plan come to life. It should also help to revise and develop your NDIS goals and prepare for the next plan review. Contact us to make enquiries.

Life Transition Planning

Are you thinking about moving out of home? Going back to school? Starting a relationship or potentially ending one? Sometimes the big decisions in life can be overwhelming because we're scared of the unknown and frightened of making mistakes. Life transition planning can help to prepare for those big life events, and give you the best chance for continued success.

Individual Counselling

Our person-centered counsellors can help to create a safe space to discuss matters in a confidential manner. Plus, they can arrange to meet you somewhere neutral, like a park or a local cafe, so it doesn't feel too serious and business like. Just two people having a chat about life, the universe, and all the stuff that happens in between.

Family Therapy

Sometimes, the hardest part about moving forward in life is telling the people we love that we're not happy with the way things are; and that for us to change, they might need to change also. If you're struggling to find the right words, or it feels like you've said them a hundred times and no-one's actually listening, our relationship counsellors can help shift your communication in a new direction. Contact us to make enquiries.


Skill Development Programs

Somebody once told you that developing your independent living skills means learning how to do things on your own? Not true. The most highly skilled individuals are surrounded by people everyday. Talk to our support coordinators about rewriting your goals to discover your true potential. You don't have to turn into someone else to discover who you are.


Specialist Assessment of Skills, Abilities and Needs

Before you start on any journey, you need a map. Preferably one that tells where you are now, where you are trying to get to, and the best way to get there. Likewise, any skill development program also needs a baseline, an evidence base, and periodic assessments to monitor your progress. Our specialist assessors select from a range of evidence based assessment tools to find the one that's right for you.