Daylesford Days - Community Access

Daylesford Days

'Every time we go to Daylesford there is something new to enjoy'

The markets, the bookshops, the countryside, the coffee and cake, the interesting people, and the shops filled with things from a bygone era that you'll want to collect.

Just like the memories you'll make on this full day activity to one of Australia's favourite country towns.

Meet new people, make new friends, and have lots to talk about when you finally get home at the end of a long but enjoyable day.

There are no additional costs involved, but you will need to bring or buy your own lunch, and anything else you fancy on the day.

Plus, Community Access doesn't charge separately for transport, so you can keep that funding for another activity.

This program is normally run on a weekend, but we frequently operate during the week when there is demand.

Book early to avoid the queue.




A social and community adventure for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme


PUSHPIN.JPGFor each trip you will need 8 group social and community hours on a Saturday, or a mixture of supports in a bundle. Community Access does not charge separately for transport. Community Access vehicles are not modified to accommodate powered wheelchairs, but can take lightweight collapsible or folding chairs.