Intern - Community Access


We are currently taking applications for our 6 week internship program.

This opportunity for real-world work experience is an unpaid position, but is different from a volunteer position because you get on-the-job training as you go. This type of training and experience can be useful if you ever think about getting a job one day.

So, what will you be doing? Basically, you help us run the programs.

Whatever we do, you do (apart from drive the vehicles).

Unfortunately, that does mean that if we are travelling to Daylesford, or Lorne, or Melbourne, or Sorrento for the day, that you'll have to come with us.

It also means that if we are going to the theatre, or away on holidays, or travelling down the Great Ocean Road, that you'll have to do that too.

But, if you think you can put up with those minor restrictions, and you're already receiving supports from a disability or mental health provider, why not see what it's like on the other side for a while? You've probably got lots of good ideas already.

The 6 weeks equivalent full time hours are distributed over the life of your plan, so they correspond to your existing capacity and current commitments.

Send us your details via our Contact Us page or apply online via the Homepage and one of our staff will contact you with further details.


An economic participation opportunity for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.