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Plan Management Workshops

Commencing in 2016 are interactive plan management workshops that can teach you the skills you need to navigate the NDIS planning and review process.

Because you didn't just get funding, you also got a lifetime and permanent relationship with a brand new and rapidly growing government department.

Nervous? Worried? You shouldn't be.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is governed by rules, just like any other government program. Sometimes those rules can be difficult to understand, and sometimes they are written in ways that confuse people. But everybody has to follow the rules.

Which means that if you learn about those rules, understand the technical jargon, and know instantly where to go for help, you can start to enjoy the full choice and control that lies at the heart of the National Disability Reforms, and begin to collaboratively and confidently engage with the goal-based planning that is governed by legislation.

Our evening classes are conducted over 6 weeks by experienced financial plan managers, local advocates, and previous NDIS planners who understand how to speak the language of the National Disability Insurance Scheme funding system. There will be plently of time for questions and answers, and if we don't have an answer for you we'll try and find out. However, because the NDIS planning process is person-centred, or 'individualised', certain questions can never be answered because they are hypothetical questions. These workshops are practical design skill-based programs that may not be able to answer all the 'But what if this happens?' type of question. But, we'll do our best.

At Community Access, we believe that managing your NDIS plan involves more than simply proving your eligibility and choosing a provider. It's about taking control and feeling empowered.

It's about having complete choice and control over what your goals are, how those goals are written, what you want to do with your time, when you want to do it, the type of support you need, who you want to support you, and for how long.

It's not just your plan. Think bigger. It's your scheme. Let's help to build it.


Our plan management workshops are scheduled to commence in 2015.

Contact us to express your interest and we'll add your name to out waitlist.